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BOCA RATON, FL, December 7, 2005 --/WORLD-WIRE/--
Multi-Media Productions (USA), Inc. announces that Itronics, Inc. will appear on World Business Review, hosted by General Alexander Haig. The Itronics broadcast will air on December 8 on CNBC.

The ultimate goal of recycling is to turn waste material into usable products. This segment of World Business Review explores how a new process developed by Itronics refines materials so they enrich the soil, feed plant life and extract minerals without incurring harmful effects.

Duane Rasmussen, Vice President and General Manager noted; "We are very pleased as we look back on our achievements at Itronics. We have gone from the idea that used photowastes can be recycled into useful products to the reality of having created award-winning, environmentally beneficial fertilizers that work beautifully and allow us to turn waste into products that benefit mankind."

Coordinating producer Susan Waters added, "When researching the latest developments in the beneficial use of photochemical and water recycling, Itronics consistently came up as being in touch with the most current advancements in this area. They were a natural to appear on this edition of World Business Review."

About Itronics
Itronics Inc. is the world's only fully integrated photochemical recycling company. It provides photochemical waste collection services, recovers and refines silver from the photochemicals, manufactures and blends liquid fertilizers - GOLD'n GRO from the processed residual, and sells and distributes a line of liquid fertilizers developed for specific applications, such as golf and lawn turf maintenance programs, vegetables, wine grapes, citrus and evergreens.

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About World Business Review
World Business Review (WBR) airs on CNBC (as paid programming) and Bravo! (as paid programming). WBR may also be viewed on United Airlines' in-flight TV and through video on demand via The WBR series is also available at more than 90 prestigious colleges and universities including Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Notre Dame, Dartmouth College and Georgetown University.

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