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TEXASTEA LUBES Partners With American Forests, 1% For The Planet and eRideshare to Plant Trees

TAHOE CITY, CA, April 22, 2011 --/WORLD-WIRE/-- TEXASTEA LUBES has teamed-up with American Forests, 1% for the Planet and to offer you the highest quality 100% synthetic motor oils. 1% of all REVENUES will be donated to American Forests. Each dollar donated will result in one tree being planted by American Forests.

Considering this billion dollar industry, a mandated company donation schedule will set a new precedent and will have a substantial impact and influence on the donation schedule of other companies and the allocation of consumer dollars. Please help us set a new 1% for the Planet precedent for the petroleum industry.

Buy your motor oil now and receive 10 dollars off on the suggested retail price. Buy smart when you purchase a case from the TEXASTEA web site and then bring it in to your local oil change station to have them use TEXASTEA for your next oil change. Only $39.99 for a six pack case of 100% Synthetic 1 quart bottles. Buy now at and REALLOCATE your consumer dollars - limited time only while supplies last. Free Shipping!

Licensed & Certified - TEXASTEA API License #2399
Energy Conserving 100% Synthetic Formulas
Choose 100% Synthetic! Choose 1% for the Planet! Choose American Forests! 
100% synthetic motor oil is better than conventional motor oil for your car and the environment. TEXASTEA provides increased wear protection and reduced tailpipe emissions so your car runs longer and less particulate matter escapes into the air.
100% Synthetic TEXASTEA Bulk Lube Products Include: Natural Gas, Compressor, Hydraulic, Gear, Bearing, Extreme Pressure, Transmission, Two Stroke & More.

Please email American Forest, 1% for the Planet and to express your support of their effort to REALLOCTE consumer dollars towards the environment.

Using 100% Synthetic TEXASTEA will save you gas, time and money!

Longer oil drain intervals mean fewer oil changes and reduced service fees. Max drain intervals means less oil used. Better quality motor oil will help keep your car running smooth for a long time.

It's the best you can buy!

For more information visit the TEXASTEA LUBES website

Michael Silver