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World’s First Submersible Solar Water Filtration System Launches Global Distribution of the Award-Winning Savior™ by Natural Current LLC

International Award-Winning Savior™ Product Goes Green in Phoenix, Arizona

Natural Current DANA POINT, CA, April 8, 2011 --/WORLD-WIRE/-- Natural Current LLC is excited to introduce the world’s first solar pump and filtration system for spas and pools to the Phoenix, Arizona community. The patent-pending and award-winning Savior™ Solar Pool Filter Appliance literally pumps and filters swimming pool and spa water for free, using only the sun’s energy. Pool and spa owners can save up to 100% on their pool energy bill by utilizing this innovative product. No installation or batteries are necessary. The Savior™ creates no noise and emits no pollution into the environment. In addition, no city permits are needed for consumer use.

The Savior™ pays for itself in months by reducing energy costs. With over 335,000 swimming pools and spas in the Phoenix area, pool and spa owners could collectively save over $500 million annually by switching from traditional filters to the Savior™.


Michael Evingham, CEO, Natural Current LLC:
“There is a reason Phoenix, Arizona is the first city to see the Savior commercial on FOX and CNBC news networks. The struggling budgets of Phoenix, Arizona and cities all across the country are no secret; now many of them can change the reality they’re in with the use of the Savior™ Solar Pool Filter. With possible Phoenix annual energy savings of 2 Terawatt of power off the grid and offsetting close to 10% of the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant yearly output, it’s clear the time has come for the Savior™ Solar Pool Filter.”

Christina Connor, Editor, Pool & Spa Scene Magazine:
“The Pool & Spa Scene Magazine choice for best new product at the International Pool, Spa and Patio Expo goes to Savior™ - the world's first portable, submersible, floating solar pump and filtration system.”

Anthony McBride, Pool Industry
“The Savior™ is the most ingenious product that I have seen in my 10 years in the pool industry and maybe the coolest new idea that I have seen in my 30 plus years of being involved in producing consumer products.”
The Savior™ Solar Pool Filter Appliance starts at $799.00 and is available through Natural Currents, eBay and Amazon. Please see for more details.


Natural Current
Michael S. Evingham,
Chairman & CEO