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33 Acres of Forest Preserved by Walk Light Media’s Responsible Media Program

Walk Light Media NEW YORK, NY, December 1, 2010 --/WORLD-WIRE/-- Walk Light Media, through its Responsible Media Program (RMP) has preserved 33 acres of forest on behalf of advertisers using its online ad network.  Key Q4 contributions to the RMP include Smart USA, The Home Depot and CitiBank.

The Responsible Media Program embeds corporate social responsibly and Cause Marketing awareness into the existing process of online media planning and buying. The program works by preserving an equal area of forest for every banner ad delivered on the Walk Light Media (WLM) ad network at no additional cost to advertisers.

"This is a great milestone for WLM and our clients. For the first time companies have made a substantial environmental contribution through the normal course of business, online media buying." said Kirk Marsh of Walk Light Media. "By coupling solid actions to existing business processes the RMP is enabling companies to make positive environmental actions at no cost to them.  Sustainability in practice."

RMP’s "Saving forests one banner at a time" works by calculating the area each banner advertisement occupies on a person's screen, multiplied by the millions of times an ad is displayed. This digital area is then converted to real forest floor area.  "The area of one banner in terms of forest floor does not seem like a lot but when you add up the millions of times that it is delivered it amounts to acres and acres of forest", said Kirk Marsh.

A list of participating companies and web site publishers, along with the number of acres preserved can be found at  The program is updated with new contributions quarterly.   

Walk Light Media is an online ad network for sustainability, healthy lifestyle and conscientious consumerism. With 22 million monthly unique visitors and over 30 tier 1 publishers that cover a diverse spectrum including: Sustainable Business, Healthy Living & Beauty, Home, Food, Responsible Investing, Parenting and Green Employment. WLM founded the RMP as part of its core belief in social responsibility.

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