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Final Judgment of Lila York and “Powermaster Environmental Group”
Court Orders of Lila York and “Powermaster Environmental Group” Handed Down by Texas District Court 288th District, Bexar County, Texas

Powermaster Corporation DENVER, CO, January 19, 2010 --/WORLD-WIRE/-- PowerMaster Corporation, a Colorado Corporation has, after two years, received court orders and judgments against Lila York and her company/corporation PowerMaster Environmental Group in the suit published in the Press Release “PowerMaster Corp Sues Lila York & PowerMaster Environmental Group.”

PowerMaster Corp filed suit against York and PEG for corporate theft and conversion of the legal PowerMaster Corp’s (the Colorado Corporation) Corporate name, trade name, trade mark, moneys, bank account, copyrighted information, patent license, and proprietary engineering information.

The court has ordered Ms. York to return all materials, moneys, Patent and Trademark registrations, engineering, web sites, software and more, too extensive to list, to Mr. Curtis L. Harris and PowerMaster Corporation immediately.

The courts order requires Ms. York and PowerMaster Environmental Group to pay the legal and official PowerMaster Corp the amount of 399,000 US Dollars.

The court has un-usually ordered the US Patent and Trademark office to cancel Ms. York’s claims and registrations on the mark and name and remand those registrations to PowerMaster Corp. The Defendant Lila York is also restrained from continuing to market PowerMaster Corp’s products and technologies.

The Defendant Lila York is restrained from continuing deceptive unfair trade practices and the tort of passing off PEG’s false products, services, and business activities as those of PowerMaster Corp.

The Defendant is restrained from the use of any information, engineering, files, systems, data, computer data, and including documents associated with Gar-Tech of the United Kingdom. The Defendant is restrained from transferring monies in their possession from their bank accounts which are sufficient to pay plaintiff’s damages.

We at PowerMaster Corp and PowerMaster ReCyclone wish to inform the world public and businesses of these judgments to protect companies and individuals from further losses associated with such business perpetrated by Lila York and PEG.

PowerMaster Corp has licensed Inergy Plus Technologies, Inc of San Antonio, and Denver Colorado, to proceed with the world-wide marketing and production of its Advanced Gyroscopic Mill Comminution Technologies, also known as the ReCyclone AGM.

A copy of the Court’s order can be found on the web site found under

PEG and Lila York have not yet taken down or turned over to the rightful owners the web sites and properties required by the courts orders.

We at PowerMaster Corp wish to be of service to those who have been misled by Lila York and PEG in their attempt to acquire the products and technologies created by C. L. Harris and PowerMaster corp.

Mr. Harris and PowerMaster Corp may be contacted at: