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Solar Energy and Efficiency Solutions (SEES, Inc.) Launches a Partner Program

Solar Energy and Efficiency Solutions SAN DIEGO, CA, January 19, 2010, --/WORLD-WIRE/-- SEES, Inc. announce the launch of their Partner Program through which companies can offer additional green benefits, utilizing SEES’ Free online Energy Audits, Free Energy Guide and Free Green Energy Talk magazine.

SEES is actively pursuing partners in the green, solar power, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy conservation industries that provide products or services, newsletters, magazines, radio and television coverage within these topic areas.

SEES’ Partner Program is designed to offer Free online Energy Audits through our partners, significantly lowering and eliminating energy costs for their customers. The Program benefits consumers and commercial building owners with Free online Energy Audits. It allows the end user to receive calculations and information about their current energy usage and provides targeted by zip code information on incentives, credits, rebates and grants offered by the US government and utility companies for maximum energy savings. The Free Energy Audit, delivered through SEES’ proprietary Energy Calculator, provides a comprehensive report and suggests the most cost-effective efficiency improvements for the home or business, saving money, energy and improving the environment.

SEES’ Partner Program builds customer loyalty for our partners and benefits their end users while generating income. The Partner Program developed though SEES’ market research is based on offering Free services to their customers. SEES is uniquely positioned to help partners achieve substantial revenue through participation in a generous compensation plan that pays partners for data compiled from the end user. Partners with Web sites or email newsletters that have 10,000 visitors per month have the opportunity to generate $20,000 during that period, based on a 20% participation rate. Web sites that have in excess of a 100,000 visitors or subscribers with a 20% participation rate can exceed income levels of over $200,000 per month. Being SEES Certified delivers additional credibility to our partners, adds value to their offers and brings recognition of the outstanding value and service they provide. “Contractors, auditors and suppliers that are SEES Certified are committed to offering solutions to high energy costs that are the most cost effective and bring the highest return on investment to their customers. Most importantly, they look out for you, the buyer, following the golden rule "Treat other as you would like to be treated", says John Platt, SEES, Inc. CEO

Current partners include EdenPure Energy Heater, SCI,, Environment News Service, Davenport-Lawrence, and Heartland Foundation.

Companies interested in the Partner Program with SEES and utilizing our FREE Online Energy Audit Calculator please contact us at 877-848-4004 or Sign-up Partner Program Web page below:

SEES, Inc.
John Platt CEO
5703 Oberlin Drive,
3rd Floor
San Diego,
CA 92121