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Carbon Dioxide Removal To Become a Profit Generator for Industry


EASTSOUND, WA, September 28, 2004 --/WORLD-WIRE/--
CANOPY Publishing today announced The CANOPY Prize for innovation in the use of CO2 (carbon dioxide). The prize, open to college students and independent researchers seeks an innovative and practical use for CO2 that will open worldwide markets for sequestered CO2 and limit Global Warming.

"Currently, the utility industry, and other point source industries, are working to reduce their output of CO2 into our atmosphere," says CANOPY Publishing's author D. H. Gottlieb--and driving force behind the award. "To achieve this CO2 reduction expensive processes are used to adjust the burning of fuels so that the CO2 is capturable and put into a form that is transportable--in some cases pipelines span miles and miles. After transport the CO2 is stored: either in saline aquifers kilometers underground, sand and water fields far under the ocean, or depleted oil and coal reservoirs. The cost is enormous, the equipment needed measured in football-field-sized increments."

"Developing a market for your obstacles is good business. So when we develop a viable market for the CO2," says author D. H. Gottlieb, "the process of CO2 sequestration will proceed at a faster clip--because the CO2 removal is no longer a cost item but a revenue source for industry. As a result, the removal of CO2 will proceed more efficiently and another small step in addressing climate change will occur."

CANOPY Publishing, in offering this seed money, also seeks other NGOs and stakeholders to contribute to the prize award so that we might further spur development of businesses which have a negative carbon footprint while at the same time strengthening our economy. "Too often, the process of environmental stewardship misses the opportunity of enlisting the marketplace. We at CANOPY Publishing are cognizant of this problem and we seek to set an example of cooperation with other organizations working towards a vibrant economy focusing on sustainable development," says publisher Deborah Perry.

The $1,000 prize will be announced on Earth Day, 2006.

For additional information contact Deborah Perry, telephone 360.376.6074

CANOPY Publishing is an independent publisher specializing in environmental philosophy. Their first title is the novel "The GALILEO Syndrome" by D.H. Gottlieb. CANOPY Publishing is located in Eastsound, Washington.

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CANOPY Publishing
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