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Gossamer Space Frames Introduces Two New Concentrated Solar Power Technologies

Gossamer Space Frames HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, December 4, 2009 --/WORLD-WIRE/-- Gossamer Space Frames rolled out two new concentrated solar power (“CSP”) technologies at the 2009 Solar Power show in Anaheim:
  • the Gossamer center drive for trough applications, called the SunLock;™ and
  • the MiniTruss™ reflective panel.
Gossamer’s SunLock ™ center drive for CSP trough applications represents a step change in terms of cost reduction, reliability and tracking precision. The SunLock’s active elements are off-the-shelf hydraulics, such as those supplied by Parker Hannifin, and the passive elements are simple, profile-cut galvanized steel plates.

According to Glenn Reynolds, President of Gossamer Space Frames: “Not only does the patent-pending SunLock ™ significantly reduce costs, but it also substantially reduces procurement lead times since the design does not use complex gearing and/or machined castings. The longer the procurement cycle takes, the longer construction financing is tied up.”

The patent-pending Minitruss™ reflective panel facilitates the use of any thin-reflective material -- such as 3M’s Solar Mirror Film. Features of the Minitruss™ reflective panel include:
  • reduced costs,

  • superior slope accuracy,

  • greater durability,

  • increased spans between supports,

  • an open-back design that does not trap water, and

  • the potential for larger apertures.
At the Solar Power show, Gossamer and 3M jointly exhibited a prototype Minitruss™ reflective panel with a nominal 7-meter aperture, using 3M Solar Mirror Film. For more information on Gossamer’s superior, proven technologies, please contact Gossamer Space Frames or visit their web site at Gossamer Space Frames was founded in 1999 by principals Glenn A. Reynolds, Dean R. Hackbarth, and Gary N. Curtis, each of whom has a successful track record in their respective engineering disciplines. Gossamer Space Frames employs a growing team of highly qualified and motivated individuals. The company is headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, and owns various patents in the United States and abroad.

Gossamer Space Frames

Media contact: Glenn A. Reynolds,
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