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Earthbark Movement Empowers Eco-Friendly Dog Owners and Pet-Friendly Businesses
Earthbark Launches Web Site to Help You Reduce Your Carbon Pawprint

Earthbark SEATTLE, WA, December 4, 2009 --/WORLD-WIRE/-- The Earthbark Movement has officially kicked off and is bringing dog owners together to stand up for a more earth and pet friendly planet. Earthbark raises awareness of dogs’ impact on our planet and gives dog owners the tools and information to reduce their carbon pawprint. After all, we need more “dogs guarding our planet”!

The Earthbark Movement is a campaign strongly committed to promoting environmentally responsible dog ownership and inspiring pride in taking care of your pet and your environment. Earthbark’s call to action is for dog owners to take steps to reduce your dog’s carbon paw print, seek environmentally friendly pet products that are healthy for your dog and the environment, inspire others to be environmentally responsible dog owners, and advocate for more dog friendly spaces in our communities.

The home of the Earthbark Movement is, the ultimate resource of reliable information on environmentally sound dog ownership, where dog owners can:
  • Join the Earthbark Movement and commit to the Top 10 Actions to Be an Eco Friendly Dog Owner

  • Show their commitment and inspire others with the Earthbark Movement ID Tag to identify pets (and their owners) as members of the eco-friendly campaign

  • Help recruit all types of businesses to be dog-friendly through giving Earthbark Companion Store Stickers to dog-friendly businesses for their storefronts announcing that well-behaved dogs are welcome

  • Check out the leading eco pet products that have been tested, researched and rated on their safety, quality and earth friendliness

  • Read about the latest events and developments in eco-friendly dog ownership and pet friendly businesses on the Earthbark blog

  • Connect, share and inspire on Earthbark’s social media sites
Earthbark Movement ID Tags are popping up at a dog park near you! The tags for your dog represent an eco stamp of approval and commitment to environmentally responsible dog ownership. Dogs proudly wear the bright green eco tag to announce their owner is doing his/her part and inspires others to join the Movement. The Earthbark Companion Store Stickers recognize dog-friendly businesses and helps them to promote their dog-welcoming added value to their patrons. Companion Store Stickers provide incentive for businesses to open their doors to dogs and empower consumers to praise and encourage more dog friendly spaces.

As a proud Earthbark Movement member, you commit to being an advocate, inspiration, and role model for a dog and earth friendly planet. Join the Earthbark Movement now and help promote environmentally responsible dog ownership!

Product photos and logos can be downloaded at:

About Earthbark
With a devoted mission to promote environmentally responsible dog ownership, Earthbark informs, inspires and empowers dog owners to actively take steps that are healthy for their dog and the environment and advocate for more dog friendly spaces. Earthbark is the market place for Earthbark Movement ID tags, Earthbark Companion Store Stickers, and reviewed products for dogs. Terra leads usability, ergonomic and durability testing of earth friendly products for Earthbark. Terra has extensively tested products by systematically subjecting all types of dog goods through some of the most realistic and rigorous product testing protocols. These products can be purchased through

Earthbark is funded by Sustaingel LLC, a social capitalism business accelerator incubating environmentally focused start-ups targeting white space verticals.

Kirsten Lennon Mabry
Earthbark PR Consultant
(415) 370-7763