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World-Wire, U.S. Newswire Partnership Opens Environmental Media Channel


WASHINGTON, DC, September 7, 2004 --/WORLD-WIRE/--
World-Wire, the new, cutting edge electronic media service dedicated to environmental and sustainable business press release distribution, announced today that it has partnered with U.S. Newswire (USN), the leading national public interest news release wire service, to provide expanded distribution to environmental audiences.

Clients can take advantage of this powerful new partnership to transmit their news about the environment, energy, health, science, and sustainable business out to the broadest possible range of news media, corporations, government offices and universities.

World-Wire clients will now be able to distribute their news locally, regionally, or nationally on U.S. Newswire circuits at the same time as World-Wire transmits their press releases to its extensive list of targeted distribution points.

"The environmental community is extremely influential, helping to shape important government policies, multi-million dollar international projects and worldwide implementation of environmental initiatives," said Jim Crabtree, President of World-Wire.

"We are excited about joining forces with U.S. Newswire to help our clients expand their influence and visibility beyond the specialty environmental press to include the major general news media who are interested in what they are doing, as well as give our clients the ability to have their news appear in all of the online services and databases that U.S. Newswire serves."

In addition to the news media, World-Wire transmits its clients' news to a broad range of corporate executives, scientists, government agencies and nongovernmental organizations that have chosen to receive this important information.

Clients of both services now have an exclusive entry into specific offices where sweeping decisions about crucial environmental policies are made.

World-Wire management has more than 10 years experience leading information delivery to the world environmental community. "Our level of expertise in the environmental community is unsurpassed and our loyal readership is proven every day," Crabtree said.

"Environmental problems are being addressed in every country in the world, billions of dollars are being invested in environmental restoration. Media professionals now have access to the precise locations where these decisions are being made," said Crabtree.

"Our readership includes environmental decision makers in hundreds of countries, the United Nations, many parliaments, research facilities and throughout the investment community," Crabtree added. "Corporate media and public interest media representatives are now free to address a wide international audience with announcements of new technology, expanded services and important policy statements."

"World-Wire is an environmental community that far exceeds any other wire service focused on a niche interest group," Crabtree said.

World-Wire clients may add U.S. Newswire's National Circuit distribution to the World-Wire Distribution Circuit for an additional $395.

Mark Bagley, Senior Vice President of U.S. Newswire said, "Our clients are constantly looking for new and more effective ways to reach the ever-expanding environmental audience. We are pleased to be partnering with World-Wire to enhance our distribution network and give our clients another way to reach more specialized environmental audiences."

U.S. Newswire clients may add the World-Wire distribution circuit for an additional $295.

About U.S. Newswire U.S. Newswire,, provides professional production, distribution and monitoring of full-text and multimedia news on behalf of leading public interest news sources worldwide who seek to reach the news media, policy makers and the general public with their up to the minute news developments.

Founded in Washington, D.C. in 1986, U.S. Newswire maintains regional news bureaus throughout the United States, serving the communications needs of key interest groups, associations, government agencies and other public interest news sources in communities large and small.

Utilizing the latest in communications technology, U.S. Newswire content is delivered to print, broadcast and online media worldwide via the most comprehensive satellite newswire and Web-based distribution network. U.S. Newswire is a division of Medialink Worldwide Incorporated (Nasdaq: MDLK).

About World-Wire World-Wire,, is a new press release distribution service offering targeted, one-to-one distribution of environmental news releases to media across the United States and around the world who follow environment, science, energy, health and sustainable business issues, as well as corporate executives, scientists, government agencies and nongovernmental organizations.

These influential audiences receive World-Wire press releases and graphics by electronic e-mail and Web-based distribution wherever they may be.

Founded in January 2004, World-Wire is a resource offered by the Environment News Service, World-Wire maintains operations in Washington, DC; Seattle, Washington; Honolulu, Hawaii; Taipei, Taiwan and Madrid, Spain.

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Jim Crabtree

Brian Taylor
Vice President, Marketing Communications
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800-544-8995, ext. 25

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