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OLYMPIA, WA, August 18, 2004 --/WORLD-WIRE/--
Plant a SEED or Small Environmental Education Dividend and help it grow to restore and protect Puget Sound's streams and marine waters.

The Puget Sound Action Team (Action Team), a partnership of state, local, federal and tribal organizations, is making a total of $40,000 in SEED money available to individuals and organizations, including businesses, watershed and salmon groups, tribal and local governments, schools and other groups in Washington state.

"This is our second round of SEED offerings this year. We already have many great programs underway in communities throughout Puget Sound," said Anne Criss, water quality and education specialist with the Action Team. "We're looking for some more top-quality projects that get people involved with preventing pollution and protecting the Sound's habitat."

Individuals and groups may apply for up to $4,500 in SEED money, to conduct public involvement and education activities to help Puget Sound.

The premise of the SEED fund is to provide people with the information, experience and tools they need to become effective stewards in their communities throughout the Puget Sound region. Projects must improve the environmental quality of the Sound through direct actions or changes.

Focused around the highest priorities of the Puget Sound Action Team, projects should address at least one of the following issues.
  • Cleaning up contaminated sites and sediments.

  • Reducing continuous toxic contamination and preventing future contamination.

  • Reducing environmental harm from stormwater runoff.

  • Preventing nutrient and pathogen pollution, which come from human and animal wastes.

  • Protecting shorelines and other critical areas that are important to the Sound's overall ecology.

  • Restoring damaged nearshore and freshwater habitats.

  • Conserving and recovering orca, salmon, forage fish and ground fish.
Applications for SEED funding are on the Action Team's Web site at:, and they are due to the Action Team by Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2004. This fall, the Action Team will announce which projects will be funded.

For more information visit

CONTACT: Mary Getchell, Communications Manager, Puget Sound Action Team,
(360) 725-5445

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