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BOULDER, CO, August 3, 2004 --/WORLD-WIRE/--, a registered patent agent, provides low cost, high quality patent services specializing in the needs of the independent inventor and small businesses. was created to assist inventors and companies in emerging technologies facing a common dilemma. The loss of patent rights can destroy the rewards of many years of research and business development. Opportunities to generate income by licensing technology may be missed.

Despite the importance of patents, inventors and companies may be unable to file patent applications due to resource constraints. The cost of patent counsel can be prohibitively expensive and sporadic work load may not justify hiring in-house counsel.

A significant amount of potentially valuable technology is not developed because financial constraints prevent inventors and small businesses from procuring adequate patent protection for their ideas. Now, patent application preparation and prosecution is available at an affordable price.

Do you have a new idea? Find out if that idea is patentable.

Ruth Eure, founder of, says, "I can help you perform your own on-line search at, or I can search it for you. If your idea is new, useful and not obvious, you can receive a utility patent and license the patent rights to GENERATE INCOME!"

"I am a patent agent. I am not a lawyer, and cannot practice law, however, I am a Registered Patent Agent and can write your patent application and get you a patent. I can represent you in the United States Patent and Trademark Office," Eure says. "I cannot represent you in dealings with other people. Since I am not an attorney, I can provide patent services AT A LOWER COST than most attorneys."

"Your secrets are safe with me," she emphasizes.

Registered to practice in the United States Patent Office since 1991, Eure's fields of experience include mechanical arts, medical devices, biotechnology, recreational and other arts.

"As a patent agent registered to practice patent law in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, confidentiality is guaranteed," says Eure. "I will not disclose your ideas to anyone. I will be happy to sign your secrecy agreement, if you so desire. However, it is not necessary."

Eure can provide services on a fixed fee basis, or hourly if you would like assistance in writing your own patent application.

Most mechanical cases under $2500; Provisional Application $300.00. On-line search with copies of references and opinion $200.00

Visit Ruth Eure online at: She says, "I want to hear from you!"

CONTACT: Ruth Eure, 4795 Edison Avenue, Boulder, CO 80301, (303) 447-1532, (303) 545-2336

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