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CLEVELAND, OH, July 30, 2004 --/WORLD-WIRE/--
The Cleveland 2004 International Childrens Games environmental performance will receive an International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA) Environmental Award for "clean and green" games by adhering to strict standards not only in sport, but also in the environment and sustainable development.

The ICEA Award aimed at contributing to the assessment of the environmental footprint of the International Childrens Games, the award gives the green component of the Games a high score.

Marks were given to areas such as environmental planning and evaluation, protection of fragile natural and cultural areas, waste management and water conservation, and the use of environmentally friendly construction technologies.

The highest marks were awarded to the areas of public transport, improvement of existing infrastructure, and promotion of sustainable environmental awareness.

"Beyond the value learned from good sportsmanship, the International Childrens Games should also be a showcase for the highest environmental standards of sustainable development," said David Jakupca, Director of ICEA. "The promoters of candidate cities must ensure they do not leave behind a legacy of environmental degradation."

ICEA urges the organizers of the ICG to learn from the environmental wins and losses in Cleveland and integrate the environment in its overall development policy for future host cities.

For further information: ICEA News - United Nations World Summit on Sustaiable Development - www.TheICEA.org

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