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Energy experts gather to build Florida’s clean energy economy

MIAMI, FL, July 29, 2004 --/WORLD-WIRE/--
Executives from the world’s leading energy technology companies met Wednesday in Miami to continue discussing Florida’s business climate for developing advanced hydrogen energy technologies. This is the third gathering of the Partnership, which is exploring strategies to commercialize clean hydrogen technologies within Florida.

“Florida is continuing to take a leadership role in clean fuel technology,” said Department of Environmental Protection Deputy Secretary for Regulatory Programs and Energy Allan Bedwell. “This commitment to developing pollution-free energy technology benefits Florida’s natural resources, quality of life and economy.”

The Department of Environmental Protection first gathered hydrogen technology developers, fuel and power producers and major energy consumers in April to assist the State with the development of Florida’s hydrogen economy. In August, the Hydrogen Business Partnership will finalize its strategy for industry and government to rapidly accelerate the development, demonstration and commercialization of hydrogen throughout the state.

“More than $1.5 billion is invested in hydrogen technology each year,” said Deputy Secretary Bedwell. “Florida’s leadership in developing hydrogen technology will protect the environment and bring new investment, companies and jobs to the state.”

Hydrogen technology companies have received $6.6 million in state grants, $4 million in federal funding and are eligible for tax incentives under Florida’s “Qualified Target Industry” designation. Construction of Florida’s first hydrogen fueling stations is expected in the Orlando area by 2005.

The Partnership is comprised of senior executives from 22 leading companies including: Air Products, Air Liquide America, Apollo Energy Systems, Ballard Power Systems, BP America, Chevron Texaco, Cummins Westport, Disney, DynEco, Ener1, Florida Power & Light, Fuel Cell Energy, Gulf Power, Hydrogenics, Plug Power, Praxair, Progress Energy Florida, Shell Hydrogen, Siemens Westinghouse Power, Stuart Energy Systems, Tampa Electric Company and Teledyne Energy Systems.

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