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GRANDE ANSE, St George's, Grenada, July 14, 2005 --/WORLD-WIRE/--
After 49 years without hurricanes, Grenada was hit by two in ten months. Hurricane Emily slammed into Grenada today, damaging crops, flooding streets and ripping up homes still under repair from last year’s storms. The only non-profit organisation building homes for the homeless is appealing for help.

On 7th September, 2004 Grenada was absolutely devastated by Hurricane Ivan. According to figures prepared by the International Monetary Fund and the Grenadian Agency for Reconstruction and Development, the financial impact of Hurricane Ivan was:

  • four times more devastating than the Tsunami was for the Maldives,
  • fifty-five times worse than for Sri Lanka,
  • and had an incredible 125 times more impact than the average natural disaster of the last thirty years.

    In financial terms, the damage now stands at more than US$1 billion or more than US$10,000 for every man, woman and child on Grenada. This equates to 250% of Grenada’s GDP.

    With close to 100% of the population affected, the extent of the damage was unimaginable. 90% of homes were severely damaged with one-third being damaged beyond repair. Grenada is a small country of only 90,000 people. 10,000 families, or 30,000 men, women and children, remain homeless today. Many more live in homes hurriedly pulled together from hurricane debris. Hurricane Emily has swelled the ranks of the homeless as these temporary shelters are blown away.

    CrisisShield is the only non-profit organisation building homes for the homeless. They have the ability to build new homes for fifteen families per week, but like most other disaster areas around the world, they are in need of donations. The sheer scale of the Tsunami drew massive support from around the globe, but this sadly left many other deserving areas desperately under-funded.

    CrisisShield houses are built to withstand category four hurricanes. Taking only three weeks to erect, they provide a safe solution to an urgent problem quickly.

    CrisisShield was born after Hurricane Ivan specifically to help the homeless in Grenada, and is a group of three non-profit organisations formed in Canada, the UK and US. Apart from Grenadians, some of whom are employed as part of CrisisShield’s objectives to increase employment on the island, all of their staff are volunteers. This means that 95% of all donations will go directly into providing homes.

    If you would like to support the people of Grenada please visit CrisisShield’s website at www.CrisisShield.Org.

    Nick Bruce
    +1 473 439 5602 Grenada@CrisisShield.Org or USA@CrisisShield.Org or UK@CrisisShield.Org or Canada@CrisisShield.Org

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