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ANCHORAGE, AK, September 13, 2007 --/WORLD-WIRE/-- The number and diversity of organizations formally opposing the Pebble Mine continues to grow. Dallas Safari Club and Wildlife Forever have both written letters to Gov. Sarah Palin saying the risks are too high to allow development of Pebble Mine.

Dallas Safari Club and Wildlife Forever represent more than 60,000 sportsmen and women and both organizations are well-respected on the national conservation scene. Wildlife Forever is the non-profit conservation arm of the North American Hunting Club and the North American Fishing Club with combined memberships exceeding 1.3 million hunters and anglers. Wildlife Forever's President and CEO Doug Grann wrote:

"We are extremely concerned about the potential development of a massive mining district in the Bristol Bay region. Wildlife Forever and our members have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to conserve critical fish and wildlife habitat and secure hunting and fishing access in Southwest Alaska. The developments being proposed put at risk the productive habitats we have sought to conserve. We are educating our members on the threats posed by mining development, especially the proposed Pebble Mine."

Grann concluded the letter, "The size, scope, and risks associated with the proposed Pebble Mine project are staggering, and if additional state and federal lands are developed in the region, the wild character of Southwest Alaska will be forever lost. Accordingly, Wildlife Forever opposes any development in the Bristol Bay region that would jeopardize one of the world's premier hunting and fishing destinations."

Dallas Safari Club (DSC) and its charitable affiliate, the Dallas Ecological Foundation, have also contributed tens of thousands of dollars toward land conservation and hunting and angling access in the region. DSC's Executive Director Gray Thornton wrote:

"America needs mineral resources to sustain our standard of living. We also need wild places, wildlife and wild fish to sustain our quality of life. Northern Dynasty's Pebble Mine proposal will jeopardize habitat we have fought to conserve. Yes, we need minerals but at what cost? Hard rock mining in Bristol Bay? No! The risks are too great and the costs to fish, wildlife and wild places too high."

We're pleased to see the hunting conservation community weighing-in on this issue and appreciate partnering with Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska to educate Wildlife Forever and Dallas Safari Club on this issue," said Richard Jameson of Renewable Resources Coalition. "These groups join a growing list of prestigious organizations, including Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Federation of Fly Fishers and Safari Club International, who have voiced serious concerns about the proposed Pebble development."

To view the letters from Wildlife Forever and Dallas Safari Club in their entirety, visit

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Doug Grann, Wildlife Forever
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