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CORONADO, CA, August 23 2007 --/WORLD-WIRE/-- After opening in New York and LA with the highest per-screen average of any film released on North American screens, Leonardo DiCaprio's The 11th Hour is rolling out this weekend in Washington DC, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, Irvine, Brooklyn, Boston, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Waterloo and Winnipeg.

"We're very excited" said Producer Brian Gerber, "We had some incredible screenings and terrific reactions from young people."

Last Saturday's projections were for it to tie for the highest revenue per screen, but by the end of the day Sunday it pulled into the first place average with $15,213 per screen.

"Most people haven't had a chance to see the movie yet since it opened only on four screens in LA and New York," Gerber said, "but Warner Bros. is very encouraged and is moving to take it nationwide."

James Lewis, Director of National Publicity at Warner Bros, released a list of over 250 theaters where the film will open in the coming weeks. See

"For a documentary to open at over $15,000 per screen is phenomenal," said film critic Arthur Kanegis, who reviewed the film for Scene4 magazine.

"Each theater which took a chance on running this provocative film took in more revenue than its competitors did running Superbad, the box office leader which took in $11,211 per screen. And it's a documentary! It even beat out the opening debut of Michael Moore's Sicko, which did amazingly well when it opened with a weekend take of $10,200 per screen.

"It beats hands down this summers blockbuster hit Transformers" Kanegis continued, "which opened with an average of $2,194 per screen." Transformers was made with a budget of $150 million, and is the fourth top-grossing film of the year. It has averaged $2563 per screen during its run so far. "That means that each theater made six times more screening the 11th Hour." Kanegis said, "even though the documentary was made on a shoestring budget and mostly shot in DiCaprio's mother's garage!"

Kanegis called The 11th Hour "the ultimate horror movie, action flick and feel-good movie all wrapped up into one," in his review at:

"Both Transformers and 11th Hour are about life on Earth being threatened," Kanegis said, "In Transformers the threat comes from fictional alien creatures. In The 11th Hour the creatures are us. DiCaprio and his team of over 50 experts make it clear that our actions are threatening the very life systems which make our planet habitable."

"Young people are flocking to the screenings," Gerber said, "because they are concerned about their future. They want to know the facts. They want hope. And they want to know what they personally can do to help humanity survive. The 11th Hour gives them all three."

Arthur Kanegis
Scene4 Magazine

EDITORS: Arthur Kanegis' Insight Review of "The 11th Hour" is available to reprint or post. See: Contact