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RENO, NV, August 9, 2007 --/WORLD-WIRE/--Itronics Inc. (OTC BB: ITRO; Frankfurt and Berlin Stock Exchanges: ITG) today said that its founder, President and CEO, Dr. John Whitney responded to investors asking about the Company's accomplishments and future with the following ten points:

  1. Itronics is believed to be the only company in the world with the proven ability to extract 99.99 percent of the silver, and virtually all the other heavy metals, from a very prevalent and worrisome liquid waste, the byproduct of photo processors, commercial printers, radiology laboratories and other industrial processes. It in turn converts the resulting demetallized liquid into environmentally beneficial, chelated, multinutrient award winning liquid fertilizers. Itronics has also produced prototype glass tiles from the refining slag, demonstrating that 100 percent of the photographic liquid waste stream can be converted into environmentally safe commercial goods. Thus, Itronics is the world's only fully integrated photochemical recycling company and, as a vertically integrated entity, it operates a hazardous liquid photowaste service division which recovers, refines and sells silver extracted from the waste. The high quality specialty fertilizers are currently sold by a major fertilizer retailer.

  2. The photochemical recycling technology was created and is owned by Itronics and took more than $20 million and 15 years to develop. Someone trying to follow our path is doubtful. We are the only facility in the U.S. fully permitted to convert used photographic liquids into high quality, environmentally "green" liquid fertilizers.

  3. Itronics liquid fertilizers are specialty products marketed under the trade mark GOLD'n GRO to agricultural markets in the western United States, including cotton, silage corn, all varieties of fruit and nut trees including almonds and citrus, all varieties of grapes, and fresh vegetables including tomatoes and leafy vegetables including lettuce. GOLD'n GRO fertilizers provide many benefits including improved crop nutrition and cost savings to the end user. Because users need up to two-thirds less fertilizer for improved plant production, there is also a significant environmental benefit compared to competitors. Demand for the GOLD'n GRO fertilizers in these markets is growing rapidly, with sales now topping a half million dollars a quarter...Field trials have shown that GOLD'n GRO makes citrus grow large with increased juice content, sweet corn grow more ears per stalk, and the size and value of plums, watermelons and grapes increase. GOLD'n GRO has proven effective in reducing sun damage to tomatoes, rust damage to sunflowers and diseases in peach trees.

  4. Itronics plans to establish joint ventures to research and develop environmentally compatible gold and silver leaching chemicals and technology as a second major market for its "de-silvered" photographic liquids and related metal recovery and refining technology. Itronics believes that the market for leaching chemicals, once established, will be much larger and less seasonal, and that it offers a second pathway to large scale growth. Itronics' facilities are in Nevada, one of the largest gold and silver producing areas in the world. The likelihood for success for this diversification effort is supported by the fact that the Company's management has significant mining technical expertise, photochemicals are used to leach silver off of film, and a major component of photochemicals is able to completely detoxify and eliminate cyanide. This would permit cost efficient gold recovery in areas which have banned the use of cyanide. Mining companies in Nevada and throughout the world are the market for this emerging technology that would help them become viewed as much better environmental corporate citizens.

  5. Itronics is making strategic alliances with regional and national hazardous waste service companies as a means of rapidly expanding its liquid photowaste supplies. Claims that the Company will someday run short of supplies are proving to be totally inaccurate. Itronics has a strategic alliance and co-branding agreement with one of the world's leading fertilizer companies for marketing and sales of Itronics' trademarked GOLD'n GRO fertilizers in agricultural markets in the western United States, with the potential to expand throughout the United States.

  6. Itronics has developed and is registering with the United States Environmental Protection Agency a deer repellent fertilizer, trade marked GOLD'n GRO Guardian, that is expected to be marketed to the Landscape Maintenance and Nursery markets beginning in 2008 in the northeastern United States. The expanding deer population has proven to be a multi-million dollar headache to growers and Itronics' revolutionary product will keep deer away from shrubbery, without hurting the animals, while at the same time fertilizing the plants. According to Cornell University reports, deer damage to landscapes and crops in the northeastern United States alone exceeds $250 million annually. GOLD'n GRO Guardian applications are systemic, last up to 3 months, and can't wash off in the rain, making this a "one-of-a-kind" product.

  7. Itronics is developing metal leaching and refining technology and associated chemicals that utilize its photochemical processing know-how for internal use to expand its silver refining operation. Itronics believes that this same technology can be used to improve the environmental compatibility of mining by replacing cyanide and other toxic chemicals that are commonly used. Itronics plans to establish mine project specific research and development joint ventures to which the Company will provide suitable technology, environmentally compatible leaching chemicals, and recycling of compatible gold and silver bearing waste streams generated by the mining activity. Itronics mining technical services subsidiary, Whitney & Whitney, Inc., is operating a popular value-added information service website, which covers the world's major gold producing companies and provides ore reserve, production, and operations technology descriptions for each of their gold mines. This division, which manages Itronics technology developments, has the objective of strengthening and maintaining Itronics ties with the mining industry and mining investors world-wide and to provide pathways for development and implementation of its mining related metal recovery technologies.

  8. Itronics photochemical and mining waste recycling technologies maximize sustainability by complete beneficial use of all materials. GOLD'n GRO fertilizer technology provides for complete use of demetallized liquids as plant nutrients and food for soil biology. Both of these facts are major positives in positioning Itronics as a "Green" company and making it very popular with funds and individuals that want to invest in companies that are significantly beneficial to the environment. Somewhere around 100 million gallons of photographic wastes are generated annually in the U.S, a major environmental challenge. According to the U.S. Environmental Agency, it may represent up to 40 percent of all toxic liquid waste produced in the country. The majority of this waste, after only partial removal of the silver, is still disposed in the nation's sewers.

  9. Regarding the environment, Itronics has received a number of prestigious international awards commending the recycling technology, the GOLD'n GRO fertilizer technology, and the zero waste benefit, thereby recognizing the Company's ability to successfully develop and commercialize new chemical process and manufacturing technologies. Dr. John Whitney, the Company's founder, CEO and President, has twice been to London, including to Parliament, to receive these international recognition of Itronics' singular environmental achievements…Itronics has been named one of the world's first International Green Heroes for its leadership on environmental issues and was a finalist for the world's most prestigious award in chemical engineering.

  10. Itronics facilities location, its vertically integrated business model, and its photographic raw material sourcing provide a cost advantage when compared to its non-vertically integrated potential competitors. Service and agricultural markets being targeted in the United States are believed to exceed $1 billion. Potential mining markets are believed to be many times larger.

About Itronics
Itronics, through its subsidiary, Itronics Metallurgical, Inc., is the only company in the world with a fully permitted "Beneficial Use Photochemical, Silver, and Water Recycling" plant located in the United States which can convert used photoliquids into pure silver and liquid fertilizers. At the Company's Reno, Nevada factory more than 99 percent of the silver and virtually all the other toxic heavy metals are extracted from used photoliquids. The purified liquids are converted into environmentally beneficial, chelated, micronutrient and multinutrient liquid fertilizers sold under the GOLD'n GRO trademark. The silver is refined and sold as bullion and 5 troy ounce, 0.999 pure, Silver Nevada Miner numismatic bars.

The environmentally friendly liquid fertilizers can be used for lawns and houseplants, and are available, along with GOLD'n GRO liquid fertilizer injectors, at the Company's "e-store" catalog at

The popular Silver Nevada Miner bars are available at the Company's "e-store" catalog at

Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, Itronics is a "Creative Environmental Technology" company and a world leader in photochemical recycling. The Company also provides project planning and technical services to the gold mining industry and operates the global Gold Producing Stocks web site

Itronics has received numerous domestic and international awards that recognize its ability to successfully create and implement new recycling and fertilizer technologies.


Paul Knopick

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