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IRVINE, CA, May 24, 2007 –-/WORLD-WIRE/-- The popular S tile roofing product, long a favorite with homebuilders and home buyers in the western US, will soon be available in a product that produces highly efficient solar electricity.

With the launch today of its new Lumeta line of Roof Integrated Photovoltaic (RIPV) products, DRI Energy, a leading provider of roof integrated solar energy installation services for residential and commercial builders, marks a key milestone in the evolution of solar technology.

“A traditional S tile solar installation on a residential roof typically includes a major roof system modification that can compromise the functional integrity of the roof system and affects the aesthetics of the home,” said DRI Companies’ CEO Timothy M. Davey. “Lumeta products like the new Solar S Tile maintain the functionality, integrity and visual profile of the roof, greatly enhancing the appearance of the home’s exterior elevation.”

DRI Energy and its parent, DRI Companies, will showcase its innovative Lumeta line of solar products, including the Solar S Tile, at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference, May 29 – June 1, 2007, at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. The Solar S Tile is one in a series of new Lumeta products that address the growing market demand for a more aesthetically pleasing option for residential and commercial solar installations.

Designed with water-shedding functionality in mind, the new Solar S Tile module has the same profile as a traditional S tile and is easily installed. By integrating the solar module within the tile, the design eliminates the need for additional roof penetrations or flashings that often result in water intrusion, and ultimately, roof system failure.

“The Lumeta RIPV product line is the first in its class to directly address the critical issues of building aesthetics and roof system functionality,” says DRI Energy Chief Operating Officer Stephen Torres. “We’ve literally changed the face of roof integrated PV while fully maintaining the functionality of both the roof system and the solar modules. We think these innovations will change the way designers, architects, builders and consumers think about solar energy.”

DRI Energy’s turnkey roof and solar installation services and the Lumeta solar roof tile line will target the rapidly expanding market for solar energy in the western United States.

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About DRI Companies and Lumeta
DRI Companies serves the roofing needs of major residential homebuilders, commercial and industrial property owners and government agencies throughout the western US. Through its subsidiaries DRI Residential, DRI Commercial, DRI Energy and Lumeta, DRI offers fully integrated roofing services, including turnkey, roof integrated solar installations for both steep and low slope roofing systems. DRI Energy uses the latest in roof integrated solar technology, including its proprietary Lumeta line and other leading solar products.

Matthew Lewis
Antenna Group (for DRI Energy)