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CHICAGO, IL, April 16, 2007 --/WORLD-WIRE/--
The Environment News Service and World-Wire are pleased to announce that we are exhibitors at the Green Festival in Chicago April 21 and 22. We will celebrate Earth Day at the Green Festival by showcasing our original stream of environmental news reflecting the state of the planet - its climate, land, water, plants, animals and people.

The Environment News Service (ENS), the real-time, international wire service of the environment, is proud to be a Green Festivals Media Partner. Read the latest news at:

World-Wire is a press release distribution resource offered by ENS to help the environmental community get their messages directly to thousands of journalists, broadcasters and environmental professionals across the United States and around the world. See the latest press releases at:

At our exhibit, visitors will be able to read the latest news, see a visual presentation of our work, and enter their business cards for a chance to win one of 10 free World-Wire press releases.

The Green Festivals are a project of two national nonprofit organizations, Global Exchange and Co-op America. The Chicago event is the first of three Green Festivals that will be held this year. They bring together local and national socially responsible businesses, environmental, social justice, and community organizations for two day events aimed at creating a just, sustainable, and inclusive economy – a green economy. Check it out at:

Independently owned and operated, the Environment News Service was established in 1990 by Editor-in-Chief Sunny Lewis and Managing Editor Jim Crabtree, who still head the management team.

The Environment News Service was founded to present late-breaking environmental news in an accurate and balanced manner. The ENS newsroom is an exciting place with stories coming in from correspondents on all continents. The news is fact-checked for accuracy, edited and illustrated and posted on the ENS website:

In addition to their skills as journalists, ENS contributors are often experts in other fields. They may be lawyers, economists, biologists or geographers. Most are based in centers such as Washington, London, Brussels, Moscow, Canberra, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Tokyo, Kathmandu, or Cape Town. Some travel on special assignment.

Washington Bureau Chief Jonathan R. Pegg is a knowledgeable, experienced journalist who covers Congress and the White House for the Environment News Service.

Many news sources in the United States and around the world contact the ENS newsroom well in advance of public announcements and work closely with ENS on breaking developments.

In addition to its continuous wire service, the Environment News Service provides specialized news feeds, including feature articles, subject-specific content, market intelligence reports and exclusive content packages, to corporations and environmental professionals.

World-Wire transmits full-text environmental and sustainable development press releases with graphics. Your organization writes your own messages - using World-Wire to announce your events, new product developments, services, awards, conferences, information campaigns, disclosures, and policy statements. World-Wire delivers them to the world.

The environmental community is more diverse than any other news demographic, more difficult to locate, segment and target. At World-Wire, we’ve done the work for you. Now you can reach everyone at once by using World-Wire’s press release distribution circuit. World-Wire has a Dun & Bradstreet 'Overall Performance Rating' of 98 percent.

Environmental editors, broadcasters, investors, legislators, government regulators, researchers, corporate executives, and citizens' groups around the world trust the environmental information they receive from World-Wire.

Please stop by booth 1009 at the Green Festival and say hi! Drop your name into the draw to qualify for a free press release!

Visit the Environment News Service online at: See the latest press releases on World-Wire at:

Jim Crabtree
Sunny Lewis
Zack Alcock
Sales Director

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