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EARTH DAY - APRIL 22, 2007

SEATTLE, WA, April 12, 2007 --/WORLD-WIRE/--
Across the nation on April 22, people will be celebrating Earth Day by learning what they can do to keep our planet and its inhabitants healthy. Since its inception in 1970, a key part of Earth Day has been to encourage and educate our next generation of green citizens—kids!

In keeping with this goal, kids at Earth Day events in major cities across the country will be learning how to play Xeko, an award-winning new eco-adventure game that seeks to inspire the next generation of eco-leaders. Xeko teaches kids ages 8 and up about biodiversity and Earth’s endangered ecosystems via an easy-to-learn, fast-paced game.

Xeko Earth Day game events in San Francisco, Chicago, Cleveland, Seattle, and Los Angeles will be held in varied locations including zoos and kid-friendly festivals.

Kids will be playing Xeko as part of Earth Day festivities at: Using stunningly illustrated cards starring endangered species like the hairy-eared dwarf-lemur of Madagascar and Costa Rica golden frog, children match wits in exciting situations that mimic real-life dramas in nature.

Invented by Amy Tucker as a way to bring awareness to the planet’s most endangered habitats while connecting kids with the wonders of our natural world, 4% of Xeko net sales are donated to Conservation International, a non-profit organization whose work inspired the game.

"Xeko is a natural fit for celebrating Earth Day, and we’re proud that kids will be playing the game—and learning a thing or two about nature—at Earth Day festivities all over the country," said Tucker.

A 2006 Weekly Reader poll found that 91% of American students surveyed believe they can make at least a little difference in the environment. The same poll found that 28% of pre-teens and teens surveyed consider themselves environmentalists. The Xeko adventure brings environmental topics to life for young people in the context of a compelling game, one that calls on each player’s creativity and inherent love of animals and nature.

Earth Day offers a great opportunity for kids to take action and learn more about the many issues affecting our planet. Below is a list of suggestions on how kids can make the most of Earth Day, starting with the favorite among "Xeko Masters"—expert Xeko players and eco-leaders in game parlance.

Six Great Ways for Kids to Celebrate Earth Day
  1. Learn about an endangered animal or ecosystem – Play Xeko, the eco-adventure game for kids that explores Earth’s endangered habitats and the amazing animals who live in them. Available at toy stores nationwide, Xeko retailers and Earth Day game events can be found at

  2. Take part in a neighborhood conservation or park cleanup effort – From picking up litter to restoring a natural habitat, keeping our communities’ parks and natural spaces clean and healthy is something the whole family can get involved in.

  3. Help make your school green – Does your school recycle? If not, ask a teacher or principal how you might help to set up a school recycling system for paper, milk cartons, cans, and glass.

  4. Be a green instigator around your house! – When light bulbs burn out, ask your parents to replace them with compact fluorescent ones to save energy. Help the family save electricity by turning off lights and appliances when not in use.

  5. Plant a tree – Did you know that the pollution from one car can be absorbed in a year by 400 trees? The National Arbor Day Foundation has a site where you can learn how to plant and care for all kinds of trees:

  6. Help endangered animals – Xeko and Conservation International have teamed up on fun ways to get involved in species and habitat conservation. Play games, send e-cards to friends, and explore Madagascar, one of Earth’s most amazing habitats, at
About Matter Group, LLC
By creating children’s toys and games that turn kids into eco-adventurers, Matter Group, the maker of Xeko, hopes that kids will have fun while being inspired to preserve and protect our planet. The Seattle-based company launched the Xeko game on Earth Day 2006 and is currently working on projects to extend the Xeko entertainment property into television, film, and merchandise.

Pam Perry
Parsons Public Relations

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