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NORTH LIMA, OH, January 31, 2007 --/WORLD-WIRE/--
GREEN ENERGY TV recently aired its first video for the United Nations Development Programme. The video was produced in Namibia a few months ago and deals with a UNDP/Global Environment Facility initiative to bring sustainable solar energy to rural parts of Namibia.

Green Energy TV, A World Leader in Green Energy Television, has also added many new videos on renewable energy and is getting ready to begin work with the US Department of Energy as well as other major players in the Renewable Energy Industry.

Projects that Green Energy TV will air include Solar Energy, Wind Power, Hydro Power, Hydrogen, Biomass, Biofuels, Geothermal, Energy Conservation, Wind/Tidal Energy, Fuel Cells, Recycling, Hybrid Vehicles

About the Company:
Green Energy TV is passionate about exposing Green/Alternative/Renewable/Clean Energy to the world via video clips from those who have pioneered success. The company's recent launch continues to exceed expectations on click-thrus, garnered video submissions and received interest from major players in Renewable Energy.

The goal of the clearinghouse is to allow Participants to easily submit their videos of green energy projects that are underway or completed in cities and countries all around the world. Videos will be reviewed and accessible to anyone with internet access at no cost. Then, viewers can search and view the solutions that address their specific need.

Videos are also sought from companies, inventors, colleges and universities with existing or breakthrough green energy technology that is waiting to be discovered and marketed to the world.

Green Energy TV will develop revenue streams through advertising opportunities. According to founder Craig J. Zamary, "We will use some of the revenue to install solar/wind energy projects in third world countries," he said. "These energies can pump fresh/clean drinking water from deep below the earth's surface and provide many other benefits to impoverished people."

The source of inspiration for the founding of the company comes from the belief of Zamary that "the viewing audience craves honest and fair reporting of stories that really matter. We're particularly interested in telling environmental stories that you won't hear anywhere else. This type of coverage allows consumers to become educated about the energy choices available and empower them to make the educated switch to clean energy."

Participants can upload videos at no cost to or mail. Web site:

Craig J. Zamary
President of

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