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TÄGERWILEN, Switzerland, December 11, 2006 --/WORLD-WIRE/--
Kelly Barrows, a Stucco Contractor from the city of Nanaimo in Vancouver Island, Canada, wants to tell everyone who is suffering from cancer that his colon cancer did a complete positive turnaround in a little over two weeks after eating Marine Phytoplankton.

"I did nothing else to my lifestyle or diet except eat Phytoplankton. I know for sure it wasn't anything else (says Barrows)... It all started in May 2006 when I noticed a little blood in my stools. I thought maybe I just lifted something too heavy and that it would go away. After watching the bleeding get continuously worse, my wife finally convinced me to go and see the doctor. I was really disheartened when I saw the picture of the tumor inside my intestine. I felt that I had to prepare to die.

When I got home from seeing the tumor, my wife reminded me of a person we knew who had kidney cancer and, coincidentally, received a clean bill of health after using Phytoplankton. I put the word out I was looking for Phytoplankton and my brother Paul ended up getting in touch with the supplier and arranged for some Phytoplankton to be delivered. Everyday I mixed a teaspoon into about 300ml of water and within a week and a half my bleeding (and the pain) went down by 80%. A week after that, the bleeding completely stopped and the agonizing pain in my stomach had completely vanished.

I asked my Doctor and some of the nurses about this and they told me they have never in their careers ever seen bleeding stop from my type of cancer. The funny thing is that after I told them about eating Phytoplankton, they just totally discounted it and didn't want to look into it any further. Regardless of what they say, I attribute 100% of my recovery and my new found wellbeing to the Marine Phytoplankton powder.

I want to encourage everyone who is suffering from cancer to try Marine Phytoplankton for themselves. It seems to have worked for me, and I know it has worked for others, that is why I originally tried it. I am going to make it my mission to tell cancer sufferers about this powder because I know for sure my recovery came from eating Phytoplankton."

Dr. Jerry Tennant is the founder and Director of The Tennant Institute of Integrative Medicine. He was educated at Harvard University and has over 15 years practice in using energetic medicine to treat thousands of terminally ill patients. Of all the products that he has ever seen during his professional life, Dr. Tennant had this to say about Marine Phytoplankton.

"This is the most exciting product I have come across. It contains almost everything necessary to sustain life and build healthy new cells. When you give the body everything it needs to produce trillions of healthy new cells then you get well."

Dr. Tennant notes that many products work for some people but not for others. He believes this is because the body needs all of the raw materials and critical components at the same time. "The problem is that we need ALL of them at the same time for things to work."

Another very important reason that makes Ethos marine phytoplankton so unique and highly effective is that it's composed of single cells that bypass the liver and digestive system. This is highly significant and is one of the main reasons that Dr. Tennant believes results have been seen so quickly, particularly with critically and chronically ill patients who have sick livers. Many other products took weeks and months to show significant results whereas, with Ethos marine phytoplankton, results were being noticed within days of starting to take it.

Unlike any other food, Ethos Marine Phytoplankton is being hailed as the new 'super food' as it is 100% nutritionally useful and bio-available to the body; when you eat it, nothing whatsoever gets wasted. Unlike most normal foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, meat and fish, as they actually contain less than a 50% nutritional value that is useful to the body. Because of this, during the digestive process, humans produce a significant quantity of waste by-products from consuming these conventional foods. These waste by-products produce toxicity and stress in the body, particularly if the gut, liver and other organs are not functioning correctly. Over time, this toxic stress overload can lead to illness and disease, hence the record levels of drugs being prescribed nowadays. As Hippocrates, the famous Greek Physician once said:

"Let food be thy medicine, let medicine be thy food..."

Phytoplankton is far better absorbed by humans than fish oils as they are not easily digested by everyone, but that is not the only reason why phytoplankton is far superior to fish oils. Two key nutrients (EPA and DHA) only achieve optimum levels of bio-availability for the human body when they are present in the phospholipid portion of the fats (lipid is a fat). Phospholipids are needed to transport the fats into your system, and then directly into your brain. The EPA and DHA in phospholipids (phytoplankton) are much better absorbed than the EPA and DHA in fish oils because they can cross the blood/brain barrier much more easily and effectively. This barrier is designed to protect the brain from most foreign substances, but it allows the transportation of these essential fats from phytoplankton to reach the brain, where they are most needed, far more readily than those from fish oils.

Another point of note is that when other marine life eat phytoplankton, or they eat creatures that consume phytoplankton, they use up all of the valuable phospholipids, just as humans do, in order to help transport the EPA and DHA to the cells of their own bodies. Therefore, ordinary fish oils lack this vital phospholipid complex. Also, almost all fish oils are refined, distilled, denatured and contain omega 3 fatty acids in a much less bio-available form than phytoplankton, namely triglycerides which are a completely different kettle of fish.

s We suggest that your body is now crying out for the right nutrients, in sufficient quantities, so that homeostasis (balance) may again be maintained. It's more likely than not, that many of the complex elements you were born with are now missing from your normal daily diet. Marine phytoplankton is the simplest and most natural way to replenish them and begin to bring everything back into balance again.

It is important to understand that phytoplankton is a completely natural whole food and not a formulated health supplement. However, the nutrition contained in it is very highly concentrated compared to most other human foods. This means that only a relatively small amount is required to achieve its extraordinary health benefits. Recommended serving size varies according to individual requirements but it starts being effective from 500mg to 1,000mg per day. Simply add the powder to water and it immediately rehydrates again, just like a dry sponge.

For More Information Visit:

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Ethos GmbH Schweiz
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