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NEW YORK, NY, October 17, 2006 --/WORLD-WIRE/--
BREAKING WAVES - is an up-to-date online ocean news service. Features and articles on ocean and water-related issues are chronologically compiled from daily searches of more than 150 news and information sources around the globe. BREAKING WAVES monthly digest can be accessed free of charge by subscribing to the W2O mailing list:

Click here for the September/October Edition of Breaking Waves News Digest.

BREAKING WAVES encompasses a vast array of ocean and water issues such as: conservation, marine and aquatic biology, climate change and weather, ocean energy, pollution and health threats, fresh water, commerce and transportation, governance, ocean exploration, research and mapping, underwater archaeology, ocean oddities, maritime history, culture and traditions. These themes reflect the over-arching premise of the World Ocean Observatory.

The World Ocean Observatory - began as a recommendation of the 1998 Independent World Commission on the Future of the Oceans, chaired by Mario Soares. It defines the ocean as an integrated, global social system and addresses the synergistic relationship between the ocean and fresh water, energy, food, public health, research and exploration, trade, transportation, finance, governance, tourism, recreation, and cultural heritage. The Observatory provides apolitical information, responsible science, and educational services on ocean issues to a global audience through new communications strategies designed to build increased public awareness and commitment to ocean sustainability.

The World Ocean Observatory believes that informed citizens worldwide can unite to sustain the ocean through mitigation and change of human behavior on land and sea. The is a place of exchange for ocean information, education and public discourse about the future of the ocean and its implication for human survival. Its intent is to communicate the full spectrum of ocean issues - climate, fresh water, food, energy, trade, transportation, public health, finance, governance, recreation and culture - as a realization of the belief that the sea connects all things.

The World Ocean Observatory includes The Cultural Ocean, The Physical Ocean, The World Ocean Directory, a searchable network of 13,700 organizations worldwide with ocean interests; The World Ocean Forum, a digest of ocean conferences, publications, exhibits, news and media; and The World Ocean Classroom, an inventory of curricula, ocean exemplars and educational resources for global distribution. BREAKING WAVES News Digest and World Ocean OBSERVER, a newsletter on seminal ocean issues written by ocean experts, are distributed to the World Ocean Directory and an individual subscription list of 4,500 ocean educators, policy makers, journalists and other interested individuals.


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