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Gates Unveils Three System Solutions That Increase Fuel Efficiency and Reduce Emissions

WASHINGTON, DC, July 20, 2006 --/WORLD-WIRE/--
Gates Corporation, long known as the largest non-tire rubber company in the world, announced today the first three, new complete system solutions in their Energy Saving product line at the Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA) Ride and Drive event in Washington, D.C.

The CabRunner™ Integrated Power System reduces fuel use and emissions by eliminating the need for semi-truck drivers to idle their engine while sleeping during a long-haul trip in order to power cab accessories such as air conditioning, heat and lights. Every year more than 960 million gallons of diesel fuel is consumed due to idling. The CabRunner™ Integrated Power System can reduce this idling fuel consumption by 60% and greatly reduce the idling emissions. The CabRunner unit is currently available for aftermarket sale.

The second simple solution Gates unveiled for reducing fuel consumption in passenger vehicles is the Gates E3 Drive™ technology. The two-speed drive system allows accessories such as the air conditioning compressor and alternator to operate at idling speed, where fuel is used most efficiently by these accessories, while the engine still operates at drive speed. The driver will not notice a difference in the vehicle operation but will see their fuel consumption reduced by 5% or more. This energy saving solution is compatible with other fuel consumption reduction technologies and Gates is working with truck and auto manufacturers to implement the Gates E3 Drive™. It is also a simple aftermarket solution easily added to today's vehicles.

The third solution showcased in Gates energy-saving line reduces both fuel consumption and emissions; the Gates Electro-Mechanical Drive™ (EMD) stop/start technology for hybrid cars. Independent studies have shown fuel savings of 6 - 10%, depending on the application, and more than 20% savings in urban traffic. The EMD system will be used in the 2007 Saturn Vue and 2007 Chevrolet Malibu.

Additional technologies and products to meet new fuels and emissions standards were also introduced.

"Gates is very proud to continue their record of excellence by adding these energy saving technologies. These innovative solutions are offered to enable our customers to be more successful in meeting energy and environmental objectives, and fit within our Gates Powertrain Enterprise Objectives focused on energy, environment, cost reduction and performance.

We recognize the importance of energy consumption reduction and are looking to do our part to help. We plan to continue developing energy saving and pollution reduction technologies for today's vehicle designs and equipment so they can be deployed now," stated John Bohenick, President, Power Transmission Division North America.

For more information about these products, photos of the products, or high quality B roll of the products please visit

Gates Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tomkins plc of London, England. Tomkins has an annual turnover in excess of $5 billion and is publicly traded on the London and New York stock exchanges. Tomkins has market and technical leadership across two businesses: Industrial and Automotive and Building Products.

The Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA) is North America's largest trade association representing automotive parts and systems manufacturers. MEMA's members supply the products and technology used in the production of some 17 million cars and trucks in the U.S. each year.

Mari Jane Panek
Lynea Hansen

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