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CONCORD, MA, July 7, 2006 --/WORLD-WIRE/--
EarthSoft today announces a comprehensive deal with C Tech Development Corp for the engineering, sales and marketing, support and hosting of several new Environmental Visualization Systems (EVS) visualization products integrated with EQuIS 5 products. Both EQuIS 5 Professional and EQuIS 5 Enterprise products are being announced. EarthSoft and C Tech will collaborate to bring new products to market integrating EVS and EQuIS.

Of special significance is C Tech’s new Automation System (AutoSys), in final review at EPA Region 5 after more than two years of cofunded development. EarthSoft and C Tech will collaborate to add AutoSys to the EQuIS 5 EZView and Environmental Information Agent (EIA) modules.

“With C Tech’s AutoSys and an agent in EIA, we’ll be able to deliver 4D (3D over time) animations for dozens of users at EPA R5 every week,” said Michael Barinek, Enterprise Product Manager at EarthSoft.

Mitch Beard, CEO added, “When we can deliver 4D to any interested parties’ desktop so inexpensively and easily that everyone can receive weekly animations on their project automatically, we will offer a paradigm shift. These visualizations are so powerful, they can let environmental project managers be proactive rather than reactive.”

Reed Copsey, Sr., C Tech’s President said, “We already have many clients in common with EarthSoft and are pleased to further integrate our analysis and visualization products with EQuIS databases. Without EQuIS in the loop, it’s often Garbage-In-Garbage-Out. AutoSys allows our Premier MVS clients to generate analyses, reports, visualizations, animations and 4D Interactive Models in an automated system triggered by EarthSoft’s EIA. Our collaboration will create a paradigm shift where the incremental costs of analyzing and visualizing every dataset are minimal. We look forward to providing our joint customer base the ultimate solutions for data delivery, management, analysis and visualization. C Tech’s products truly complement EQuIS 5 by allowing clients to experience and completely understand the complexities of their data through visual communication."

EarthSoft is announcing four new products:
  • EQuIS 5 Professional interface to EVS and MVS
  • EQuIS 5 Professional interface to EVS/MVS, through ArcGIS
  • EQuIS Enterprise EZView EVS/MVS animation generation and hosting
  • EQuIS Enterprise EIA EVS/MVS animation auto generation
EarthSoft and C Tech have been working together for ten years, and both have serviced EPA Region 5 for over seven years. Significant innovation comes from having many sophisticated users on both software, and both companies want to thank all their major mutual clients for the support and feedback resulting in these new products.

About EarthSoft:
EarthSoft provides open, innovative software solutions for managing sample/technical data for laboratories, consultants/engineers, owner/operators, responsible parties and other stakeholders. For more information write, or visit

About C Tech Development Corporation:
C Tech’s EVS and MVS are the gold standard throughout the world for true 3D volumetric data analysis and visualization for the Earth Sciences. For more information e-mail or visit

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