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WASHINGTON, DC, June 3, 2004 --/WORLD-WIRE/-- CMC Energy Services, Inc. announces their Home Energy Tune-uP® and Snug Shade™ exhibit at the 7th Annual Congressional Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Expo, June 8, 2004 being held in the Cannon Caucus Room of the U.S. House of Representatives, Washington DC from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

CMC's breakthrough in residential energy efficiency includes an energy inspection service, Home Energy Tune-uP® and an energy efficiency product Snug Shade™.

Home Energy Tune-uP®
Bringing Today's Energy Technology to Yesteryear's Homes CMC has developed a nationwide energy improvement service for the residential sector - Home Energy Tune-uP®. This program focuses on the 6 million existing homes that are bought and sold each year with its primary goal to bring the latest energy technology to older homes at point-of-sale. The Tune-uP® Program includes four steps: (1) a home inspector completes an energy inspection of the home and inputs the resultant data into the Tune-uP® application for analysis, (2) a costs vs. savings estimate is generated, (3) financing strategies along with lender names and phone numbers are provided, and (4) a short list of local contractors is included as an additional expedient.

The Snug-Shade™
Fits all seasons, Fits all windows

Snug-Shade™ was initially designed to provide a much-needed improvement for weatherizing windows in low-income homes. However, Snug-Shade's™ attractive design and relatively low price piqued the interest of the commercial shade industry. While savings vary by geographic area, current numbers show that Snug-Shade™ is expected to save an average of 20% on heating and 25% on cooling costs, and will be far more cost-effective than other weatherization measures. In addition, as a result of its low price (it will be available in stock-sizes and can be installed with no special tools in minutes) Snug-Shade™ has a 3-year payback. (Anticipated availability - March, 2005)

Doris Iklé, founder and President of CMC Energy says, "Often the goal of energy efficiency is well received, however, costly implementation and a lack of practical know-how prevents fulfillment of the required measures." With products like Snug Shade™ and services like Home Energy Tune-uP®, energy efficiency is easily realized.

CMC Energy Services is a leading pioneer in residential energy services. We combine program design with implementation, and innovation with prudent business practices.

For 12 years CMC has administered one of the largest and most successful low-income programs. For the past 20 years we provided energy audits and related energy programs to the utilities. To maintain our high quality standards, we do our own training, and software development while consistently looking for ways to improve the programs we administer.

CMC has helped 300,000 residential and commercial customers reduce their energy bills 15-40%. With Home Energy Tune-uP®, and Snug Shade™, we hope to make this 3,000,000 residential customers per year. CMC is a woman-owned Maryland business, incorporated in 1977.

ABOUT HOME ENERGY TUNE-UP® Home Energy Tune-uP® is a nationwide service provided jointly by Home Inspectors and CMC
Energy Services to help homebuyers and homeowners control their energy bills by bringing energy technology in older homes up to today's standards. Tune-uP® is a web-based program designed by CMC Energy Services in which home inspectors examine and measure all energy-related parts of the house, answering over 100 questions in the Tune-uP® data collection process. This information is then analyzed using over 1000 calculations in order to estimate the savings and costs of each measure and a detailed Report is generated.

In addition, the Tune-uP® Report provides information which may be used to facilitate financing. With 27 years experience in over 280,000 homes and software approved by DOE and proven in the field, we are the premier company to help consumers improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

Snug Shade™ offers a better way to weatherize windows. It is the first window shade that allows "a change" from winter to summer and from day to night. The clear "insider window" shade keeps the heat inside the house in the winter while allowing the sun to help heat the house. The solar tinted "insider window" shade keeps the cool air in the house and rejects 60% of the sun's heat in the summer. The high fashion fabric shade provides privacy and darkness at night and further insulates the windows. Snug Shade™ also eliminates drafts by sealing shades along the sides, top and bottom of the window. This shade provides a perfect fit due to the Fitlock™ hardware which allows a 3" adjustment in width and height, and is available in stock sizes. Snug Shade's™ energy savings will pay for itself within 3 years.

For more information visit the CMC website:
CONTACT: Julie Wenger, CMC Energy Services, 1.888.203 5262,

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