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LONDON, UK, June 2, 2004 --/WORLD-WIRE/-- Do you have an innovative or entrepreneurial idea for a partnership project that may contribute to sustainable development? A new concept that brings together people and organisations from different backgrounds? A project that enables partners to pool their human and financial resources, experience, local knowledge and connections? That allows partners to meet goals they could not reach working by themselves?

A new initiative is ready to help you implement your ideas and make them a success. The Seed Initiative (Supporting Entrepreneurs for Environment and Development) is a joint effort by a network of international organisations - from global organisations such as IUCN - The World Conservation Union, UNEP and UNDP to national organisations such as Development Alternatives and LEAD Pakistan, who are passionate about promoting the entrepreneurial spirit of partnerships for sustainable development at grassroots level. They have launched the Seed Initiative to recognise new partnership approaches and encourage entrepreneurs to take action for environment and development.

One element of the Seed Initiative is the biennial Seed Awards - an international competition to seek out your most promising innovative or entrepreneurial ideas for action through partnership, and to help you make those ideas work. The award itself is not monetary but a comprehensive, individually-designed package of support, training, connections and facilitated access to funders, to give winning partnerships every prospect of success.

Who should apply?
We welcome innovative or entrepreneurial ideas from any group in the process of planning and setting up a partnership project that: involves at least three partner organisations from different stakeholder groups; relates to the three pillars of sustainable development: environmental, social, and economic, and has the potential to contribute towards the Millennium Development Goals and/or the Johannesburg Summit Plan of Implementation; displays entrepreneurship in its broadest sense, by the private sector and/or others and is driven by the local actors, such as micro, small and medium sized enterprises (SMMEs) or others; helps to demonstrate innovative ways of doing business through partnerships - "business as unusual" - and has the potential to serve as inspiration to others; has a draft business plan and has partners that have already agreed in principle to work together.

Deadline and further information
Submissions are being accepted from May 1st 2004 with the final deadline of August 15th 2004. Early submission is highly recommended as this may allow initial feedback to be given to help you improve your application.

For full information about the Seed Awards, please see the Seed Website:

CONTACT: Seed Initiative Focal Point
Tel: +44 1865 202 669
Fax: +44 870 1319582

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