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White Lotus Home - of New Brunswick, N.J. - began their twenty-fifth year in business Earth Day, Friday, April 22, 2005. Since 1981, White Lotus has been reducing air, water and land pollution nationwide by handcrafting natural fiber mattresses, pillows and accessories without toxic chemicals.

The company's products are found in massage schools, homes and offices across the country, furniture stores, the World Wide Web and Whole Foods new flagship store in Austin, Texas.

The company began with the simple idea of desiring to offer people a safe and comfortable, quality sleep environment. Several characteristics set apart a White Lotus mattress from traditional spring mattresses. The first is the obvious - no springs. The use of steel in mattresses is responsible for enormous amounts of air and water pollution every year, not to mention the devastation that strip mining has on the land where coal and iron ore are extracted. In addition, a handcrafted, natural fiber mattress from White Lotus contains no PBDEs (polybrominated biphenyl ethers) - a toxin now being found in high concentrations in the fatty tissue of Americans - nor any of the toxins linked to sudden infant death syndrome.

Rather than layers of chemical pads and springs, an all cotton White Lotus futon mattress is pure layers of green cotton, providing the support and comfort and the peace of mind that conventional mattresses do not. What further sets White Lotus apart is that for nearly 25 years, each and every mattress has been made entirely by hand.

The energy needs of machinery play a significant role in pollution both in local communities and worldwide. Super premium mattress companies often claim that their products are hand made when they are actually using several machines throughout the process.

White Lotus owner, Theodore Casparian, said, "I can put a futon crafter in a room with a natural fabric mattress case, a bale of cotton, a needle, some thread, and just her two hands, and she will come out with a 100 percent handmade mattress that is more comfortable, more supportive, will not poison the earth or the sleeper and costs less than $300. Can your mattress, at any price, say that?"

As an extra environmental boost, the green cotton used by White Lotus consists of the plant fibers not used by the textile industry. It is called green because there is no chemical processing after harvesting - no bleaching, no fungicides, no dyes, or other chemicals. Everything that White Lotus makes has a story like this.

White Lotus also sells home furnishings crafted by others and White Lotus insures that they, too, embody the standards of quality, ecological awareness and efficiency that are demanded by environmentally conscious individuals. For example, a large part of their business is the sale of converting couches.

A White Lotus couch is different from a hide-a-bed or sleeper sofa for several reasons. The first is that the couch frame is, for example, maple or ash harvested sustainably from a domestic forest, with an environmentally friendly finish. Rather than foam cushions outside and a flimsy conventional mattress crammed inside, a hand crafted White Lotus futon mattress is the seat and back when the couch is folded closed and opens to a true bed.

An additional feature that supports the distinctiveness of White Lotus, is that the mattress can be covered with hundreds of possible fabrics to match any decor, because the cover is removable and can be changed in just minutes with a zipper. This cover can also be easily laundered - unlike upholstery. Also unlike upholstery, the White Lotus converting couch can literally change its spots (or stripes) again and again for as little as $70, making it more useful for a longer period of time for a lower cost than any other couch.

White Lotus offers many beautiful fabrics, covers are sewn to order in their New Brunswick workshop or the White Lotus artisans can take customers' own fabric and easily make the couch match their existing decor. This makes a White Lotus couch the most flexible, versatile, comfortable, supportive, attractive, high quality sitting or sleeping environment available - at a reasonable cost.

Since 1981, White Lotus' mission has been to provide the world with an alternative to the disposable, toxin-filled bedding and couch options to which people believed that they were limited. The environmental stewards at White Lotus believe that if the cost of saving the earth and protecting one's health were out of reach for most people's budgets, true progress would never be made. For that reason, in part, White Lotus is very efficient with resources and keeps its prices where almost everyone can take part in making the world a better place and enjoy a better night's sleep.

The White Lotus family looks forward to visits or phone calls at their Princeton, N.J. retail store at 202 Nassau St., (609) 497-1000, or in New Brunswick, N.J. at 191 Hamilton St., (732) 828-2111.

For those who do not live close by, they can always be reached on their Web site, by e-mail at, or by phone at (877) hand made.

More information is available by contacting Theodore Casparian,, (609) 683-7408.

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