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New Dimensions Worldwide Radio Interviews Barbara Altemus, author of "The Gift of Pain, Transforming Hurt Into Healing."

NEW YORK, NY, April 20, 2006 --/WORLD-WIRE/--
On a personal level, pain is a part of life. On a broader scale, our sense of security in the world has been shaken by catastrophic events such as the attacks of 911, the tsunami, and hurricane Katrina. How can we avoid burying the fear and the hurt till they harden our hearts and ferment into rage? Barbara Altemus explores this important topic on a one hour New Dimensions Radio program.

Drawing on the teachings of Native American spirituality, the elements of nature, and the spirits of loved ones who have passed on, Barbara Altemus has found ways not only to heal from pain, but to transform the spirit in the process. She defines clear strategies for reconnecting to the earth, to our communities, and to our spirituality, so that even in the most difficult times we discover our strength, our beauty, and a greater sense of who we are.

"When we're aligned with that greater intelligence - call it what you want, God, Great Mystery, Great Spirit, Buddha - and feel our connection to that greater force and to all of the elements and all of life, then we're protected, and we're exactly where we need to be, doing what we need to be doing," she says.

Ms. Altemus candidly shares her own struggle to overcome betrayal and loss, and shows us how to move through pain and find our lives richer on the other side.

Listen to an interview with Barbara Altemus on New Dimensions Radio from April 17th thru April 23rd on National Public Radio in the U.S. and international radio abroad. Go to for the listings of time, and location of airing in the U.S. and internationally.

For 1 week the interview with host Justine Willis Toms can also be heard by going to the home page of and clicking on Ms. Altemus' picture or to New Dimensions Internet Radio, on the website, and it can be heard four times a day for one week.

Barbara Altemus holds Master's degrees in Psychology and Latin American Studies. She has worked in the healing arts for more than twenty-five years, and is an active participant in the international peace movement and is a therapist and life coach. She is the author of "The Gift of Pain, Transforming Hurt Into Healing," published by Penguin Books, based in New York.

In "The Gift of Pain," global healers, visionaries, creative artists and peacemakers share how they have moved through emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain. Ancient and alternative healing ways are discussed and Barbara's life story weaves the book together showing how pain can be a catalyst for transformation of consciousness.

Contributors include Martin Sheen, Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu, Isabel Allende, Deepak Chopra, Ela Gandhi, Goldie Hawn, Iyanla Vanzant, Joan Borysenko, Chief Arvol Looking Horse and Dick Gregory, among others.

For more information or to contact Ms. Altemus go to:

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