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PLANO, TX, April 12, 2005 --/WORLD-WIRE/--
EnviroGLAS Products, Inc. of Plano, TX today launched its online store for direct purchase of colorful recycled glass aggregate and custom made terrazzo countertops. Through a proprietary process, trash bound for the landfill is crushed into 1/8” to 5/8” pieces with virtually no sharp edges. Artists and landscapers can choose from cobalt blue, amber, green, mirror, plate or flint glass, or a mix of several colored varieties. Architects, designers and homeowners can also bring the look of vivid gems embedded in a seamless, glossy terrazzo finish to their kitchens by ordering a custom EnviroSLAB countertop online.

EnviroGLAS is the newest trend in decorative, eco-friendly, sustainable indoor and outdoor applications. The conservation-minded who mulch to help retain moisture in the soil and reduce water evaporation can now be twice as ‘green’ mulching with EnviroGLAS recycled glass aggregate. The dazzling recycled glass mulch works especially well to moderate soil temperatures and in garden pathways where drainage and erosion is a factor.

EnviroGLAS aggregate also adds shimmer to aquariums and a variety of artistic creations. Pulverized 100% mixed post-consumer recycled glass EnviroSAND granules add sparkle and splash to landscape designs, golf sand traps, indoor or outdoor displays with a beach theme, and even coastal beaches. EnviroGLAS post-use recycled glass aggregate is packaged in 50-pound ‘clear poly’ bags, starting at $16.50 for the mixed color variety, with most single colors ranging between $22 and $33 per bag.

The recently unveiled EnviroSLAB is a standard 25” x 60” x 1”size countertop that brings exquisite 100% recycled glass terrazzo into an affordable price range for anyone remodeling or constructing decorative surfaces and countertops. With the eight glass options and fully customizable pigmented epoxy resin, EnviroSLAB color possibilities are endless!

Landscapers, interior decorators, designers and homeowners are invited to go to for detailed product pricing, installation guidelines and ordering instructions.

EnviroGLAS® Products Inc. converts post-consumer and industrial glass bound for the landfill into elegant, sustainable and ecological hard surfaces and landscaping materials. A recent independent analysis found that of the 69 LEED points available, EnviroGLAS Terrazzo can contribute to seven or more. Please visit or contact an EnviroGLAS Products Representative at (888) 523-7894 or email us at

For more information, visit:

Patty Bates-Ballard
Public Relations Director
EnviroGLAS Products Inc.

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